Tank Cleaning Division

Al Ghaith established Crude Oil Storage Tanks Desludging, Cleaning, and Refurbishment Division at the beginning of 2003.

This Division has been established to bring into the Gulf region new technology for the desludging and cleaning of crude oil and refined product tanks, fixed roof and floating roof, and the treatment of the recovered sludge to minimize hydrocarbon residue.

Utilizing a variety of cleaning processes, Al Ghaith provides the safest tank cleaning systems suited for cleaning oil tanks where hazardous atmospheres may exist or where a gas-freeing atmosphere is required.

Al Ghaith uses an environment-friendly system, which does not use chemicals for the desludging and cleaning of tanks and applies a new coating system for the floors and roof.

From top management to the tank cleaning technicians, Al Ghaith always has taken the "CAN DO" attitude when it comes to performance.