• Position: QHSE Officer
  • Full-Time – Senior Level
  • Availability: Immediate Hire

Duties & Responsibilities and Working Relationships

  1. Facilitate local implementation of the HS&EMS
  2. Identify and continuously monitor local regulatory, client and business requirements and ensure they are incorporated into the local HS&EMS
  3. Provide support (i.e., monitoring, assessment, audits, training, etc.) to local managers, supervisors and employees.
  4. Serve as a facilitator on hazard assessment and incident investigation teams.
  5. Advising on methods for improving & promoting the health & safety culture of an organization.
  6. Ensuring the organization is aware of legal obligations, clients' standards & recommended Codes of Practice.
  7. Interpreting and keeping management and workers informed of new and developing legislation and other standards.
  8. Ensuring that all necessary risk assessments required are carried out and participating effectively in Risk Assessments & Job Safety Analyses.
  9. Advising management of their responsibilities for accident prevention and avoidance of health & environmental hazards.
  10. Providing regular health, safety and housekeeping inspections, which cover buildings, plant, equipment, services, and fire arrangements, to ensure conformity with regulations and organizational policies.
  11. Advising, through line management and supervisors, where improvements in QHSE standards or practices are appropriate.
  12. Advising on possible hazards when considering the introduction of new machinery, new materials, new processes, or changes in existing ones.
  13. Arranging for the provision of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) based on risk assessment.
  14. Arranging for development and, where necessary, use of permit-to-work procedures.
  15. Arranging for provision of written safe systems of work.
  16. Maintenance of clients' required safety records and making clients required safety returns, as well as maintaining QHSE records required by organization.
  17. Maintain and update database for Trainings, Operations equipment calibration, safety equipment calibration/certification Equipment NOT Testing and Lifting Equipment Inspection/certifications.
  18. Calibrate BW Personal Gas monitors.
  19. Overseeing and reviewing all accident investigations and preparing statistics to assist in monitoring QHSE performance.
  20. Identifying QHSE training needs and advising on suitable training program.
  21. Arranging for the QHSE meetings as well as preparing the minutes of meetings.
  22. Updating Safety Signs and HSE Notice boards for any new safety flashes and changes.
  23. Conduct Drivers coaching to Drivers in the amber and red performance indicator of RAG summary report.
  24. Prepares HSE required documents attachments to Pre-qualifications Questionnaires.
  25. Ensuring the provision of first aid, fire safety and emergency procedures.
  26. Having a wider role in inspections with regards to identification of causes of problems and identifying remedial actions. Getting involved in the following, leading them in some cases:
    1. Safety Inspections
    2. Safety Tours
    3. Safety Surveys
    4. Audits
  27. Participating in Accidents & Serious incidents Investigations as his expertise in Investigation Techniques is needed.
  28. Observe the Company's & Client's QHSE policy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility and ensure that they are effectively implemented in his domain.
  29. Participate in QHSE meetings, on site audits and inspections & ensure close out reports for all points closed
  30. Ensure by appropriate monitoring and review, the work under his control is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Ensures effective accident investigation and follow up.
  31. Maintain standards of safety and comply with Company's QHSE Management System requirements.
  32. Report any observations, near-misses, incidents and accidents promptly.
  33. Ensure maintenance and availability of all safety equipment.
  34. Follow and maintain Company standards of Quality in accordance with Company Quality System requirements.
  35. Familiar with ARAMCO Requirements